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Customer center

S. Daukanto str. 13a,

LT-92235 Klaipėda

Phone 880012344

Working hours:

I-IV 8:00-19:00

V 8:00-18:00


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Comments (3)
Maksat Gurbanow
Extremely unprofessional bus drivers works sometimes in Klaipeda transport. Who doesn't really care about people's health, and sometimes just can not let people in, even though he sees that people are waiting at the doors.

Thank you for your message and apologies for incidents. Could you provide more details – when, which stop, direction and route number? 

Hi. I got ticket (fine) Nr. 743190 )for parking in Klaipeda. Tried to pay fine, but my ebank says account nr are not valid (written on your ticket). What should I do? How can I pay fine? Please, send me all information to email.

Apgailestaujame, bet toks sprendimas, šio bilieto galiojimas nebuvo pakeistas į 10 mėnesių laikotarpį