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Customer center

S. Daukanto str. 13a,

LT-92235 Klaipėda

Phone 880012344

Working hours:

I-IV 8:00-19:00

V 8:00-18:00


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Comments (2)
Hi. I got ticket (fine) Nr. 743190 )for parking in Klaipeda. Tried to pay fine, but my ebank says account nr are not valid (written on your ticket). What should I do? How can I pay fine? Please, send me all information to email.

Apgailestaujame, bet toks sprendimas, šio bilieto galiojimas nebuvo pakeistas į 10 mėnesių laikotarpį

jack lam
How do I get the travel card? Is this app work for traveling to Nida and Palanga ? What is the Zone # (1-3) to Nida and Palanga from Klaipeda

all information was sent to email.